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Criminal Law Defence

Criminal Lawyer

Whether you are under investigation or currently charged with a crime, you need to know your rights.

Criminal Law Defence

Mental Health Law

We represent clients at the Consent and Capacity Board and the Ontario Review Board who find that their liberty is restricted by the Mental Health Act.

Aboriginal Clients

Aboriginal Clients

The lawyers at Smordin Law have extensive experience representing Aboriginal clients as both youths and adults.

Youth Criminal Law

Youth Criminal Law

We aim to keep your child free of a criminal record. We take every step to ensure that your child has the best possible defense & trial.

Professional Defence. Wherever You Need It.

The lawyers at Smordin Law have been successfully defending cases in cities throughout Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Brantford, Guelph, Oakville, Kitchener, Milton, Cayuga, St. Catharines, Welland, Simcoe and Brampton.

We advocate effectively to protect your rights and secure the best possible results. We have built solid relationships with, Aboriginal Legal Services, probation and parole services, the Canadian Mental Health Association, multiple rehabilitation facilities, and the John Howard Society (bail program and diversion program) in order to obtain the absolute best results specific to your case. The lawyers at Smordin Law are dedicated to ensuring you get the help you need and the results you deserve.

You Don’t Need To Know The Law.
You Just Need To Know Us.

A criminal matter is often an overwhelming burden. Being arrested by the police and charged with a criminal offense can impact your reputation, your family, your career, and your ability to travel into countries such as the United States or obtain a Canadian passport. Not knowing the next step or what your options are can be frustrating. The lawyers at Smordin Law will help you take control.

Smordin Law. Ready for trial.

Based in historic downtown Hamilton, we represent clients across Southern Ontario from Brantford to Brampton on a diverse range of charges. Want to work with us?