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Legal Aid Ontario

We happily accept criminal matter retainer through the Legal Aid Ontario (LOA) certificate program. LOA has in depth and complex guidelines and financial restrictions for certificate approval. Legal Aid Ontario does not provide Legal Aid Certificate coverage to all individuals. To find out if you qualify, contact us and we will step you though the application process. The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Smordin Law believe strongly that everyone should have access to justice and will fight hard for you to receive funding through the LOA Certificate Program.

If you or your family member is in custody we can assist you in connecting with the LOA worker assigned to the facility you are or your loved one is being housed at.  The staff at Smordin Law Criminal Lawyers is very familiar with the Legal Aid Ontario system and would be happy to answer and questions you might have, in confidence, about the program and who you or your loved one might be able to qualify for the LOA Certificate Program.

As a member of the Extremely Serious Matter panel through Legal Aid Ontario, Sandee Smordin, senior criminal defence lawyer,  can defend the most serious crimes including murder, firearms offences and conspiracy charges on a Legal Aid retainer.  The Extremely Serious Matter panel is designation within the LOA regime that experience and seniority of the criminal defence lawyer.  Sandee Smordin has defended those charges with the most serious offences.

The Charter of Rights & Freedoms includes the right to effective representation before the courts.  In deciding Rowbotham (1988), the Ontario Court of Appeal in it’s decision forced the Province of Ontario to provide adequate representation for accused persons when they cannot afford it.  Today lawyers can make a Rowbotham Application to the Superior Court of Justice seeking an Order to have the Attorney General to provide funding for private counsel.


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