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Smordin Law Criminal Lawyers is centrally based in Hamilton,  at the centre of Southern Ontario,  serving the Brantford Crouthouses daily.  Appearing as Brantford Criminal Lawyer for over a decade, seasoned  senior criminal defence attorney Sandee Smordin along with her ardent group of passionate associate lawyers will work relentlessly protecting your rights and secure you the best results possible.  The Smordin Law team built excellent relationships with Aboriginal Criminal Courtwork Program, probation and parole services, the Canadian Mental Health Association, various local rehabilitation facilities, and the John Howard Society (bail & diversion) so that it is possible to procure the greatest results given the circumstance of your case. The experienced criminal defence attorneys at Smordin Law are completely dedicated to ensuring that you have the help you require and the results you deserve.

Brantford Criminal Lawyer | Relentless Defence

Our entire criminal defence team is passionate about the defence of your Charter Rights before courts of Ontario.  Working together as team of experienced counsel we use the breadth of our collective knowledge and individual excellence to engage the Crown immediately following your arrest working tirelessly to get you the best results possible. Get an experienced Brantford Criminal Lawyer on your side.

Sandee Smordin, Senior Counsel, Smordin Law Criminal Lawyers

Whenever you are under investigation but he police or are currently charged with a crime, you need to know your rights. Call an experienced St Catharines criminal lawyer.  We offer free consultation on all criminal charges.

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Upon arrest it is vital that you take immediate action to preserve your best criminal defense. If you are a person of interest to the police and under investigation you need to understand the jeopardy you could be facing and how to minimize the chances of bring charged with a crime. The criminal defense team at Smordin Law is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The police will give you an opportunity to call us. It is your right. We provide free legal advice upon initial contact while you are under arrest and in police custody.

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brantford criminal lawyer | relentless defence
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