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Drug Possession. Hamilton Enforcement is up.

Recently released information from Statisitics Canada shows that Hamilton is one of the top major cities for the enforcement of marijuana drug possession charges, coming in eighth out of thirty-four cities. For the purposes of gathering information, Statistics Canada defined “Hamilton” to include Grimsby and Burlington, but if Hamilton alone is considered, the enforcement rates are even higher. Not only are individuals more likely to be charged with marijuana drug possession in the city of Hamilton and the surrounding areas, but the Statistics Canada information highlighted an upward trend in the number of these types of charges over the past nine years. Across Canada, the increase in marijuana-related investigations and charges both increased by 30% since 2006. However, in Hamilton, the rate of investigations increased by 185% and the number of charges increased by 154%.

drug possession

Statistics Canada also provided additional information about the general severity of marijuana drug possession charges. These charges are unique in that they are frequently an individual’s only charge in a particular case. 55% of adults, and 50% of youth charged with possession of marijuana had no other concurrent charges. In comparison, when the cases involved other drugs, the amount of single-charge cases dropped to 23% for adults, and 24% for youth.

Getting a Lawyer to Fight Drug Possession Charges

The lawyers at Smordin Law understand that while a marijuana drug possession charge may not seem like the most serious criminal matter, it can still affect an individual’s life in a variety of ways. This includes possible employment repercussions such as a termination or lack of hiring due to a criminal record, difficulty travelling to other countries, and the stress of navigating the criminal court system. If you are facing a possession charge, contact Smordin Law to explore your options.