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What is a Bail Surety?

A bail surety is an adult person who testifies in person at your bail hearing that they will supervise you in the community when you are released on bail. That person will promise the court that they will contact the authorities if you violate the terms of your bail. That person will also pledge money to the court to guarantee your success on bail.

A surety must be a Canadian citizen who is over 18 years of age. This person should not have a criminal record and should either have employment or assets in the form of a house. The reason for this is that by having employment or an asset, the surety will be able to confidently testify that he or she would be able to come up with the monies that are guaranteeing your release from custody.

Legal Aid Ontario supports a website called lawfacts.ca and they host an complete description of the role of a surety in an unbiased fact based article.

The Ontario Government  through the Ministry of the Attorney General describes “acting as surety is a serious matter” and isn definitely worth reading as you consider becoming a possible surety.  The best option, when address bail and becoming a surety is to speak to an Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer about becoming a surety and putting together a bail release plan that makes sense, is practical and balances public interests with the ability to maintain employment and other import activities outside the home.