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Youth Criminal Lawyer in Hamilton

When a young person is charged with a criminal offence the whole family is effected emotionally and financially. Too often, a youth client and his or her parents are told there is no risk your child will go to jail if they plead guilty or are convicted after trial. The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) limits the Crown’s ability to ask for a jail sentence and limits a Judge’s ability to sentence your child to a period of incarceration. Instinctually, a parent or relative may want to deal with a matter quickly if their loved one is not going to jail.

However, it is more important than ever to avoid a youth record and not plead guilty. Recent changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act mean that it is more likely that a record will follow a young person into adulthood, effecting their employment, travel and educational prospects. At Smordin Law we know how important it is for young persons to remain free of a criminal record, the stigma attached to having a criminal record and the consequences that follow.

We aim to keep your child free of a criminal record and often commence negotiations with the Crown at your child’s first appearance in court.

A youthful error should not alter your child’s future. They should be able to move on and leave youthful mistakes in the past.

If your child is held in custody and needs a bail hearing you can rely on the experienced lawyers at Smordin Law.

In the event that your child cannot be released on bail, we at Smordin Law make the time to visit your child at the youth detention facility that he or she is being held at. You can count on our firm to be by your child when you cannot be there.

We take every step to ensure that your child has a fierce defense and trial. In the event of conviction or plea, we work with your family and involve you in the sentencing procedure. We help your son or daughter put their best foot forward on the day of a sentencing and show the Court that their future should not be defined by one event.

Don’t let a youthful mistake follow you into adulthood. Call Smordin Law we are an experienced youth criminal lawyer.

A young person also needs counsel that understands the role that social media and the internet play in criminal matters. It is becoming common place that crimes are committed through social media. Young people may not have the experience to appreciate that the information they disseminate over the internet can lead to criminal charges.

Sandee Smordin successfully had her youth client’s charges reduced from an aggravated assault to assault cause bodily harm and then went on to keep her client record free on a high profile case involving a fight that went viral on Youtube.